Advantages That a DS3 Line Provides

A Digital Signal 3 line is a dedicated circuit and a high bandwidth that is able to reach a maximum of 45Mbps speed and has 672 telephone lines. It is 28 times faster than a T1 line. The DS3 line is the same technology as the T3 line.Many internet service providers offer a DS3 line that’s why people need to know the facts before having one. DS3 lines are dependent on the customer’s phone number and address. It is advisable that individuals use accurate information when applying in order to receive the exact price.A Digital Signal 3 line can provide fast and very stable internet connection. This line can also download and upload without any lag due to the fact that it is connected to the ISP’s backbone server. In addition to that, it can transmit real-time videos and other large databases. There is no wonder why large companies like call centers and research facilities use this type of line in their operations. The Digital Signal 3 connection can truly deliver their needs!A DS3 line includes SLAs or service level agreements since it is used commercially. These SLAs guarantee bandwidth performance at any given time. This simply means that internet speed is guaranteed not to go below a certain limit. In case of network problems, commercial lines are the ones who are fixed first. SLAs even provide a specific timeframe for such problems.A DS3 connection has 2 monthly charges unlike commercial DSL lines. These charges are called local loop and port charge. The first monthly charge is the price of the circuit setup by the Local Exchange Center also known as LEC. The latter is based on the distance of the user’s building from the internet provider’s network. That is why users need to check some carriers. The cheapest DS3 connection is usually from the nearest ISP.A DS3 internet access is just like DSL. They are similar in a way that both of them have 2 main levels of service. The first level is called Fractional DS3 and the second one is known as Full service DS3. The first type involves when fractional bandwidth is needed from 10 Mbps on up. The second type has a constant speed that can run a constant 45 Mbps.A DS3 connection can also be utilized for VPNs or Virtual Private Networks. These VPNs require more speed especially if heavy data transfers like databases and videos are required. A DS3 connection is much better than having multiple bonded T1 connections. The downtimes for DS3’s are significantly lower compared to T1 connections or DSL. Digital Signal 3 connections are even fixed within a few hours.A DS3 line offers a very fast speed without any server lag. It may cost you more than T1 connections or DSL, but you can surely take advantage of its speed stability and dependability. In case you have a business that requires a stable and very fast internet connection, this may be the answer to your needs. In case you don’t need that much speed and stability, you can always double check with some other types of internet connection available in the market these days.